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Traveling Drum School & Freelance Drumming

Chris Belin Drums


Tuning    Head Replacement    Minor Repairs   Cleaning    Set up    Drum Tech

Established in 2003, this service is available for all types of drums & cymbals. Sessions have been done in studios, churches, schools, homes, & music venues. I am open to any location. The following are the types of packages offered;

Basic Service

-Includes tuning & minor cleaning (shells, lubrication of moving parts, etc). A 5 piece set can be done within 1 hour. 

Extended Service

-Includes tuning, more extensive cleaning (cymbals, shells, hardware), proper set up, minor repairs. 2 hour estimated time frame. 

Full Service

-This would involve head replacement (tuning & stretching), shell cleaning (inside & out), cymbal polishing, rust removing / deep cleaning for hardware, bolt tension check for entire kit, Replacement of all felts, bearing edge treatment, & impact patches if necessary. Usually a 3-4 hour job for a standard size set.

 *Also available for all services,

-Materials needed can be purchased by me & delivered day of session. You only pay cost of materials & any unavoidable shipping fees.

-Tuning & maintenance session. It will be a 30-45 minute session added on to the original time.

-Drum tech. May be available for individual shows or tours, schedule permitting.

For a price quote, please contact me @ 

(412) 512-3155

Be sure to include a description of what you would like done, even if it’s not listed above. Feel free to include any pics as well. Thanks.