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Traveling Drum School & Freelance Drumming

Chris Belin Drums


-Welcome to my official site, for all things <Traveling> Drum School & Freelance Drumming.

Drum School: Pittsburgh, PA area (40 mile radius) since 1999. Logged in well over 18,000 individual lessons, many group classes, and more than 800,000 miles. Has all clearances & background checks.

*Also available for FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, & all Google apps for instruction as well as seminars / clinics.

Live Performance: Played close to 2,000 shows in many parts of the US, with over 30 different bands / artists, in all genres. 

Recording: Appeared on over 100 recordings, including

more than 45 official studio releases. 

Percussion Maintenance: Tuning classes, tech work, and minor drum repairs. 

Voted #1 Drum Lessons in Pittsburgh

   I was very excited to get the message from the staff that I was voted #1 among the top drum lessons in Pittsburgh,PA! Since I signed up in 2011 I received this notice on 5 different occasions holding the top spot in the "top rated", "most reviewed", & "most vetted" categories. As of September 2012, I am still holding this spot!! A few years ago I received my "best of 2015" and "best of 2016" badges to display on my website. For 2018, I just received their "top pro" recognition. Many thanks for the great feedback & to all those who have voted! I'll continue to give 110% in all I do. is a great search engine to seek out local services in your area.Please click on the link located in the "contact & social site links" page. 



Excited to announce that as of March 2019 I am now an official Soutone Cymbal artist!

Photo by Nicky Angelo Photography

"A drummer's cymbal set up is just as important as their drum set. Finding the right sound for a scenario can be a task but Soultone makes that easy. Top notch quality craftsmanship and their wide variety of models has something for everybody!

It was love a first strike for me with their Natural Series. Beautiful, sustaining overtones mixed w/ a sharp cut that works for any genre and volume level, I've been a serious fan of Soultone for years since I first heard them played live and now I'm proud to be an official artist! Live or studio, Soultone Cymbals are the real deal! 

Please check them out at and click the "Current Set Up & Sound" link to the above right for a complete list of Soultone products I'm using. 


Excited to announce as of December 2018 I am now an official Attack Drumhead artist!

 "My history w/ Attack Drumheads goes back to junior high when they were recommended to me by the owner of a small, local music store. I was a full-on heavy hitter and they felt bullet proof, giving me all the durability I needed. Had them for years!

Fast forward to now and I'm still finding the same level of craftsmanship. As I've evolved as a drummer i'm enjoying the heads in playing situations of all volumes and intensities. Brushes or sticks the coating wears gracefully and the tone is long-lasting. Looking forward to the new updates and product lines for 2019!" 

Please check them out at, and click the "Current Set Up & Sound" link to the above right for a complete list of Attack products I'm using. 


  On August 15th, 2017 I released my first educational drum & percussion DVD w/ eBook, designed for beginners, called "Drumming for the Young and the Young at Heart"! Over 90 minutes in length, it offers 15 lesson topics on drum set, hand percussion, and snare techniques plus interviews, music theory, play-along loops, special guest drummers, and much more! Designed for beginners but works great a refresher for more experienced players as well! More than two years after the initial release, sales and feedback are still going strong! 

"You are amazing and the kids are great! You did a really good job of slowing it down and teaching, instead of just showing. There are many other drum lesson videos I couldn't keep up with."

-Paul Earl. Guthrie, Oklahoma. 

Check out the official trailer from Reber Video! 

Available for hard copy purchase via Paypal!

$14.99 (plus $4 shipping)

My ProductDrumming For The Young and the Young at Heart DVD
Lesson 1: Sticking Essential sticking patterns w/ matched grip, eBook file included.
Lesson 4: Foot Techniques for Drum Set Two most popular foot techniques for playing drum set, eBook file included.

Available in select stores:

Music Go Round. Monroeville, PA

SuperMonkey Recording Company. Pittsburgh, PA.

CD Warehouse. Greensburg, PA.

May's Music Shoppe. Butler, PA.

Tommy's Drum Shop. Austin, TX.

Cambria County Library. Johnstown, PA.



Photo by Constellation & Company. Post show @ Jergels in Warrendale, PA, opening for Jefferson Starship. 

Early in 2019 I signed on to be a full time member of the Derek Woods Band! That March we hit the studio to record tracks for "The Question" EP, which was then released July 5th. Since then, DWB has continued to perform live and release videos plus do radio and podcast interviews.The band has also been featured in articles for newspapers and magazines all of the world with press from winning the Hollywood Music In Media Award for "Unforgiving Tree"

A brand new full length album is completed and awaiting a 2021 release!

More details TBA!! Below is the latest DWB updates....


DWB live @ The Official Woodstock 50 (Yasgur Road Reunion in Bethel, NY 8/16/19)

Official lyric video for "Distance" from Derek Woods Band 'The Question" album

March 2021 Live Stream Concert at the Historic Palace Theatre in Greensburg, PA


 On all streaming platforms plus CD's in select stores and all DWB Shows! 

NEW MERCHANDISE FOR 2020...Splatter Paint Design!

  Please check my "concert calendar" page for upcoming shows & also visit for more info.


Excited to announce that as of March 2020 I am an official Pedal Artist w/ Drum Factory Direct! Currently using their prototype Longboard / Shortboard conversion model! More details coming soon! Be sure to check out the vast inventory of products online at

"It's quite the sight when you walk into Drum Factory Direct in Pittsburgh, PA...isles upon isles of drum stuff! They put the 'F" in factory w/o question; every part imaginable to build a drum, replace something broken, or just something to fancy up your kit. If your brewing their site give yourself time to look thru all the products as it'll definitely be worth it. Good chance you'll find something you forgot you needed or stumble upon a cool piece of drum gear you didn't know existed!

Their prototype pedal is total top notch quality. It's been so smooth since the first note! Extremely well constructed and super sturdy it has all the necessary adjustments without extra flash. Perfect for all playing techniques & lightweight for travel too! Look for the new models to hit the market soon!"


This past February I was asked to handle the drum set duties for the debut album for Hayley & Josh! The first two singles, 'Stand Up (A song for our revolution)" & "My Angel" were released in spring streaming on all platforms and the full album is NOW AVAILABLE!! Please check FB & Instagram for more info! 

CROMERS BAND, LIVE IN 2020 & 2021!

Signed on to do social distanced, following CDC guideline live shows with Cromer's Band in 2020! Described as "Pittsburgh's Eclectic Mess" the band covers a vast range of material, ranging from Rush, Deep Purple, & Smashing Pumpkins to BB KIng & Robin Trower! The band has a widely diverse set list to please any Rock fan! Please check my "Concert Calendar" page for upcoming dates as well as the bands website,, FB, and IG page.

Residency! Performing weekly at Pittsburgh Church

Happy to announce, with a referral from the Pittsburgh Musician's Union, I've been hired as the full time drummer / percussionist for East End Assembly Of God in Pittsburgh, PA. Appearing on most Sunday's & holidays! Please check my concert calendar page for an updated list of performance dates.

More info on the church can be found at, as well as their official FB page...where select services stream live!  


Excited to announce as of July 2018 I am now an official Canopus artist! 

 "I've been a huge fan of Canopus snare wires for years. I'm psyched to now be officially part of the family alongside a huge list of great drummers!

Recently I discovered more of their awesome accessories, including the snare belts and bolt tights, plus their metal, fiberglass, and ROF snares...definitely a fan as well! Top notch quality craftsmanship in all they do."

Please check them out at and click the "Current Set Up & Sound" link to the above right for a complete list of Canopus products I'm using. 


Excited to announce as of August 2018 I am now an official Creative Percussion artist! 

  "From skateboard wheel bass drum beaters to drum tacos, Creative Percussion reeks of awesomeness! Not only are the company's products revolutionary and fun, they are extremely well made. Sturdy & reliable without a doubt! Owner Kevin Feeney's ideas for useful percussion accessories are ahead of the curve & I'm always looking forward to seeing what's coming next!"


Honored to be the Creative Percussion featured artist the week of 9/20/19! Be sure the visit their official Facebook page for details as well as their Instagram for great pics & posts!

Please check CP out at and click the "Current Set Up & Sound" link to the above right for a complete list of Creative Percussion products I'm using.

Newspaper Appearance! 

On August 1st, 2018 I did a drum clinic / circle at The Cambria County Library in Johnstown, PA. Great group of aspiring musicians, very wide range of ages in attendance as well!

The Tribune Review was on hand and did this really nice article on the event!

Radio Interview!

   Happy to announce I'll appearing on the Sunday October 8th, 2017 edition of the Grassroots Music Show on 97.7 The Rock Station in Butler, PA! Really fun interview talking with hosts Bob & Utah about "Drumming for the Young and the Young at Heart", my freelance career, and much more! They also featured four songs from my session career,

1. "Wild Child"-The Satin Hearts.

2. "Captain Ron" - The Woodpile.

3. "Tricks"-Summer-Winter.

4. "Take it Back"-Tyet.

*More info on these tracks, including where you can purchase or download, is available on the "Recording Session History" page (link above to the right).

   If you're not in the Butler / Pittsburgh area or missed the broadcast, you can stream it on the stations site; They archive past episodes there. Please check out others as well as the program has been going strong on Sunday nights for a long time now. Each episode is packed with great, regional music and awesome commentary! Be sure to check out the official FB page for more info on the show as well! 

Endorsement deal!

RB Drum Co. (Custom Snares)

 "It's no secret RB Drum Co. specializes in quality, custom wood snare drums. Owner Rich Bloom has been building for decades! His work and customer service goes above and beyond. Rich's attention to detail and personal stamp on each drum means all the difference. Your custom design mixed with his expertise makes all RB drums stand out. RB Drum Co. made my drum dreams come true!" 

Please check out the video below detailing my first RB snare!  

RB Drum Co.

Loan Program

...started September 15th, 2017, still going strong and has been getting a lot of positive feedback! Details in the "Positive Spin on Drums" blog section above. 

Drum Classes at Western PA School For Blind Children...Drum Circle with history of drumming! 

Since 2017, I've been teaching a bi-montly Drum Circle / History of Drumming class at WPSBC in Pittsburgh, PA. Two different semester's of students! Special public and private performances are also done periodically throughout the year. More info on the school can be found at 


   Been having great experiences these past few years performing educational, special events all over the Pittsburgh area, including churches, recreation centers, hospitals, and Summer camps.

    Please visit my "concert calendar" page for upcoming appearances as well as the "drum school info" page for more info on seminar content.

Drum Classes at The Children's Institute

in Pittsburgh, PA

for the 2017 / 2018 & 2019 /2020 school years! 

  Starting in September I'll be teaching a bi-monthly drum set and hand percussion class to a great group of students at CI! The student's are from various grade levels and are enthusiastic about music! More info on the school can be found at*Special thanks to Ray Wojszynski for the all the generous contributions! 

2019 & 2020 Drum Circles / Clinics at Lewis Music Studio! 


All has been going great with the monthly drum circles / clinics at Lewis Music Studio in Bridgeville, PA (at Calvary Full Gospel Church location). There are over 20 percussion instruments available for everyone to use, plus you can bring your own. Dates are currently scheduled for 2019. Price is $7 for adults, $5 for kids and each session is 60 mins.

Please check my concert calendar page for upcoming dates & register at

*Please also check out my new profile page on the Lewis Music Studio site as well and their brand new teaching facility in Bridgeville, PA! 

Summer / Fall 2018 with BEN FLINT BAND

I'll be appearing on some select dates w/ BFB this Summer & Fall! From festivals to large indoor venues to small intimate clubs, the band performs a diverse mix of songs ranging from Rock & R&B to Country, Blues, Reggae and even some Pop Punk. Very few boundaries with this group!!

Please check my "concert calendar" page for upcoming shows I'll be appearing on & also visit for more info. 

Upcoming Album with THE LAY JAINS

In late 2017 I got hired to handled the drum tracks for new music from The Lay Jains!

More details coming soon! 


Been having great experiences these past few years performing educational, special events all over the Pittsburgh area, including churches, recreation centers, and Pittsburgh's Veteran's Hospital (Aspinwall location). More dates scheduled for 2019!

2018 was a great year for doing seminars /drum circles at events at the The Samson Family YMCA in Plum, PA for the Take5 group & Special Olympics kids. During the Summer of 2018 I did seminars for their "Camp Treehill" program on Monday afternoons!

Please visit my "concert calendar" page for upcoming appearances as well as the "drum school info" page for more info on seminar content.


Spring / Summer 2018 performances.

New stickers, free at shows!

New live improv album "LANCASTER & SANDERS" released 2020!

Upcoming studio album for 2021 for the Old 3C Label Group via Twolick Recordings label

Appearing with The New Mingle (myself & Matt Calvetti) in concert for some special events open to the public! Please check my "concert calendar" page for dates & details! New album coming 2021, and the previous three releases are all now streaming!

Stay tuned!

"The Positive Spin on Drums" periodic blog

   My blog, "The Positive Spin" on drums started out in March of 2011 and it went solid weekly for almost one year, gaining more readers with each post. However, with my increasingly busy schedule I had to scale the posts back to periodic. There will be new posts coming soon so please check back, or send me your contact info and I'll add you to my mailing list.

The subject matter continues to evolve but the continued emphasis is all things positive with drums and music. There have been lessons, personal stories, album reviews, product reviews, <Traveling> Drum School student updates, and much more. There has also been frequent pics and videos associated with the topics!

Below is a sample clip from a week's topic. Many thanks to all of you who take the time to visit!


*Info on specific products I'm using for each company can found on the "Current Set Up & Sound" page (link top right).